Our wine

Our Manon wine is produced from grapes that grow on the best plots of the Côtes de Provence region. Blending and aging is entrusted to our teams of enthusiastic specialists who are keen to express the typicity and authenticity of the terroir. This expert task is orchestrated by our in-house oenologist Pierre Vieillescazes and Philippe Cambie our consulting oenologist.

cuvée Manon vin de provence méditérranée


The main varietal used in Manon wine is Grenache.

It brings fat, ampleness and potency to the wine. The blend is complemented with Cinsault that confers freshness, finesse and fruitiness. Finally, our oenologist adds a touch of Syrah to enhance the colour and structure of the cuvée.

Vinification and maturing

The grapes are selected specifically to produce this wine.

They are picked in the freshness of the night at their ideal ripeness between sweetness and acidity and immediately cold-pressed. Only the first juices are retained from the press to ensure an optimal clear colour. This is followed by cold clearing and low-temperature fermentation in stainless steel vats to preserve the fruity flavours. Finally, they are placed on lees to age after fermentation with occasional stirring to make the wine denser and more complex.

Tasting notes

Manon presents a clear and shiny pink colour.

The nose opens on flavours of white flowers (honeysuckle) and stone fruit (peach). The mouthfeel is rich, potent and fresh with remarkably long lasting flavours.


Ideal serving temperature

The ideal serving temperature is between 10 and 12°C.

“Performed under the direction of our in-house oenologist Pierre Vieillescazes, the blending and maturing operations are carried out by our teams who are keen to bring out the very best of the appellation.”